Values of Estiri Trading Groups

1- Customer-centership

Leaders and staff consider the satisfaction of customers in their all goals, plans, and implementations of their activities based on the values of company and prioritize the respect to the needs of customers.

2- Respect to the brand of Estiri trading group

Leaders and staff beyond their responsibility to the respect of the place of the brand of Esitir trading group, are also aware that their existence depend on the existence of the brand.

3- Considering Human Dignity

Leaders and staff respect and take into consideration the dignity, equality, fairness in their contact with the customers.

4-Team working

Leaders and staff are fully aware that their achievements are in line of achievements of the company and customers.

5- Competition and frequent attempts to promotion and improvement

Leaders and staff keep following up the ways their competitors act and improve and implement new and creative ways of success and do their best to give the best services as possible.

6- Aptitude development

Leaders and staff are always aware of their ability and try to improve their level of knowledge and attitude.

7- Responsibility

Leaders and staff take responsibility in applying the logical needs of customers and coworkers.

8- Criticism acceptance

Leaders are fully aware that being criticized by customers and or coworkers is an opportunity for them to amend and improve.

9- Trust

Leaders and staff are loyal to company and customers and always gain their trust.

10- Environment preservation

Leaders and staff are fully aware of the consequences of their action onto the environment and social health and respect the standards and regulations in this regard.