Training Seminar Was Held in Nazar-Abad Agricultural-Jahad Congress Center

Mehr Chinechin Kian, one of the subsidiaries of Estiri Group hold a a one-day scientific and technical seminar in cooperation with the Co-operative of Cattle Farmers and Pouya-Dam Company of Nazar-Ababd city hold in Nazar-Abad, entitled “Challenges of Using Minerals in Livestock Complements”. The seminar was held in Nazar-Abad Agricultural-Jahad Congress Center, in Alborz province.

Dr. Kamran Reaza Yazdi (Associate professor in animal nutrition at University of Tehran and Estiri Group scientific consultant) lectured on the latest scientific and practical subjects regarding the seminar title for the audience including managers and technicians of the feed mills.

Then the technical experts of Mehr Chinechin Kian, introduced objectives, products and services of the company and the subjects were welcomed by the audience.

 Mehr Chinechin Kian is the producer of feed ingredients in Estiri Group with the aim of producing world-class products in feed industry.

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