Reflex Of “Mehr Chine Chin’e Kian” Member Of Estiri Group In Feed Expo 2018 Exhibition

Estiri group in form of “Mehr Chine Chin’e kian which mission is live stock, poultry and aqua culture feed concentrate and supplement manufacturing ,had the honor of recepting guests and the industry activists as a sponsor in forth Feed Expo congress and exhibition as before.

During this trade gathering, factory owners, farm manufacturers, live stock and poultry feed industry specialists and experts visited booths and also benefited from scientific updated matters of the industry by attending to seminars which masters and researchers lectured simultaneously with exhibition holding in “goftogoo” park.

Mehr Chine Chin’e Kian company is active as one of the most leading supplement and concentrate manufacturers and has been supplying high quality products and competitive price to the market by doing scientific researches, using high quality ingredients and optimizing production formulas. Chine Chin manufacture system has succeeded to receive honors and global and domestic valid qualifications which creates stability in final product quality and security in for customers.

It’s worth noting that Chine Chin company and Provimi company in Netherlands held two-hours conference mutually in mentioned place on Sunday, August 12th, which has been attended well by respectable audience, so the scientific slides which had been provided with the subject of primary nutrition in broiler chickens, was posted on the website of Estiri group and Mehr Chine Chin’e Kian company, requested by guests.

As mentioned before, Estiri groups and all subsidiaries have signed a joint cooperation memorandum with Provimi in Netherlands which includes: transfer of applied nutrition technology and feed manufacturing technology with approach of Chine Chin products manufacturing capacity increase and importation and distribution of Provimi feed additives, by using these services, Estiri group would be so efficient in the mission, supply chain management of animal protein manufacturing industries.

Estiri group by attending to these important industrial holdings intends to keep intimate relationships to the customers and their satisfaction by direct and face to face encounters.

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