Presence of Estiri trading group in Iran Feed Expo Fair

The 2nd meeting of Iran Feed Expo will be held from Aug 23rd till Aug 25th 2016 in Goftego Park in Tehran with the presence of famous local and international producers. The previous meeting and fair with the presence of specialists, university instructors and well-known experts from local and international companies made a suitable situation of improvements to animal feed ingredients’ producers.

Kian Chine Chin Company as the representative of Estiri trading group is going to attend in the fair as responsible for producing the complementary and concentrates of animal feed ingredients supposed to be held in Goftego Park and exchange information and ideas with the visitors.

Attending in this fair and meeting will definitely make the specialists and producers aware of the latest technologies and information in the field of animal feed ingredients. This fair is an exposure of chances for the experts, investors and managers in this field to know more about the industry and new incomings of technology.

Kian Chine Chin Company being equipped with the modern machineries for producing the complementary of animal feed ingredients along with a perfect team of staff with great knowledge and information about global references will attend in this fair and will respond to the need of visitors

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