Nutrition completion with the 3rd generation concentrates meeting

For the first time in history of our country, Chine Chin Company talked about the basic materials of third generation with the consumers.

The meeting of nutrition completion with the 3rd generation of concentrates was held on Wednesday Oct 18th 2015 in Farhang-yan saloon.

 Visitors started by visiting the company and got familiar with the productions of Chine Chin Company.

In the beginning, Mr. Keivan Estiri, the directing manager of Chine Chin Company welcomed everyone and gave his speech about the goals regarding the improvements of new science and technology.

The best part by the view of the attendees was when the senior experts talked about the scientific issues about the animal feed ingredients.

Then the senior experts talked about the profits of third generation concentrates as follows:

High availability existence

Invariable atomics

Anti-absorption humidity

Low development in animal digestion system

Passing ability in cud-chewers

Needless to point out that the Chine Chin Company is the only quality assuring company and is responsible for any probable damages in this regards.

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