Mehr Chinechin Kian achieved National Productivity Award

Mehr Chinechin Kian, the production subsidiary of Estiri Group, won the National Productivity Award for poultry, livestock and aquatic concentrates’ production, in the First National Olympiad of Productivity in Agricultural Industry, held in Tehran on February 21st. The Olympiad was organized by Iranian Agricultural Engineering Organization, with the presence of Dr. Shariatmadari, Iran vice president for executive affairs, Dr. Tabatabaie, Chairwoman of National Iranian Productivity Organization, Mr. Kabiri Chairman of the Iranian Agricultural Engineering Organization and other industry activists. Other elect companies were also praised during the Olympiad conference.

I.R. of Iran Agricultural Engineering Organization, selected Mehr-Chinechin Kian according to the professional evaluations of production processes and resource utilization of the competing firms who were previously registered as applicants in the First National Olympiad of Productivity in Agricultural Industry.

Estiri Group is committed to productivity, through implementation of organizational excellence models and productivity management in its subsidiaries.

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