Iran Feed Industry Association Attended IDMA2017 with the Sponsorship of Estiri Manufacturing and Trading Group

7th International Flour, Semolina, Rice, Corn, Bulghur, Feed Milling Machinery & Pulse, Pasta, Biscuit Technologies Exhibition was held in Istanbul Epo Center, Turkey, from 4th to 7th of May, 2017. The contribution and attendance of more than 50 leading international companies in the exhibition could attract a huge number of visitors as was expected.

Following the unveiling of JCPOA (Iran deal with P5+1) Iran international dealings have considerably increased, so align with priorities of the country in the feed industry and its internal strategies, Estiri Manufacturing and Trading Group sponsored the participation of the Iran Feed Industry Association (IrFIA) in the Exhibition.

The welcome speech of the head of the IrFIA in the exhibition opening as well as the opening of the Iran booth by the head of the Turkish Association of Animal Feed Producers, are signs of the importance of the Iranian Delegation presence for the neighboring country and suggest the tendency of the Turkish feed industry for trade and commercial co-operation with their Iranian counterparts.

Several meetings and sessions were held, with the companionship of two members of the Iranian Parliament. These meetings resulted in a decision for the organizing and constitution of a joint working group with the aim of developing the business activities between the two countries in the field of feed industry. In order to realize that, the talks will be continued in Iran after the Turkish Delegation visits Iran. The members of the IrFA accompanied by the Iranian traders attended the Iranian Consulate in Istanbul and met with the Consul General of Iran. They discussed the pre-requisites of developing the feed industry trade relations between the two countries.

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