Estiri manufacturing & Trading Group in Mashad Poultry & Livestock Exhibition

1Estiri Group associated in twelve international poultry & livestock exhibition in Mashad from 27 September until 30 September with several famous companies from Iran, Turkey, Germany, Italy, French, Nether land, China and India in 10,000 M2 place in Mashad international exhibition.
Major activity of participants in exhibition was included:
Provide animal feed, Supplements, Pharmacy, the vaccine , equipment such as viticulture equipment, cooling and heating systems, cage, weighbridge, slaughterhouse, machinery of production line for animal feed and pharmacy, producing Doc, fishery and aquaculture, beekeeping, silk worm, R&D center, hospitals, dairy and livestock production, packaging of livestock and pharmacy production, cellulose material, engineering & technical services and consultant, monthly magazine, book and professional site.
Estiri manufacturing & Trading Group according to direct connection with the customer in all around the Iran and provide special product and services anticipated in Mashad international poultry & livestock exhibition; and group booth to face of impressive welcoming of visitors.


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