Estiri manufacture and trading group with new approach and this slogan “Efficient and constant supply chain” in XV international Exhibition of livestock, poultry, dairy products and related industries in October 2016.

15th international exhibition of livestock, poultry, dairy products and first feed aquaculture from 27th October until 30th October Held in Tehran International Permanent Fairground The exhibition was attended by vice-president of the Parliament and Vice-Ministry of Agriculture in Tehran International Permanent Fairground launched

After the opening ceremony by Mr. Doctor Hassan element (Undersecretary of the Ministry of Agriculture Animal Production) most of the invitees and visitors visit and negotiate in this gathering.

At the beginning of exhibition, Mr. Doctor Pizishkiyan Vice President, esteemed Parliament and Mr. Dr. Rokni and their team visit Estiri Group and talked with Mr.Estiri and ask about our activity, problems of feed animal in this industry. In this exhibition, 120 Foreign companies from Turkey, Austria, China, France, Spain, Belgium, Italy, Denmark Netherland, Germany, Bedrail, Australia, India, Korea, Hungry, Taiwan, Romany, Argentine and Japan and 360 local companies and show their  latest products, research and services to supply set. During the 4 days exhibition more than 2000 person visit from Estiri manufacture and trading stand , negotiations and agreement is accepted certificate The proper functioning of the Group and its subsidiaries and effective participation and fruitful in 15th international exhibition of livestock, poultry, dairy products. Estiri group stand as a financial sponsor of this exhibition was the largest and most visited exhibition booths.Show statistics charts moment the quality of goods and services provided View samples of products along with quality analysis and performance reporting Call Center Customer Service, among the unique services for the visitors. Estiri manufacture and trading group as previous years with the strong presence at the fair makes an opportunity for introducing a variety of products and services and Capabilities, provide scientific achievements and expertise in various fields.

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