Estiri Group brand in Tabriz 15th international exhibition of livestock and poultry

15th international Tabriz exhibition on livestock, poultry and aquatic and the related industries was held from 17th to 20th of May, 2017. Amirkabir salon in Tabriz International Exhibition Center hosted more than 40 companies in related industries which presented and introduced their products and services to the visitors, during a 4-day event.

There were also some unfavorable factors about the exhibition including its concurrency with the presidential elections of the I.R.I. and the weakness of the executive team in notifications of the exhibition especially in north-west areas of the country. These limitations led to the small number of the audience compared to the other international exhibitions of the country.

Estiri Group served the visitors and the audience of the booth with its customer-centric approach, when the group’s experts presented the unique products and services in all areas of the business including importation and distribution of the seeds, micro-ingredients, complements and concentrates for livestock and poultry. They also explained the technical support services of the group to the interested audience.

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