Estiri Group attended and sponsored “16th International Exhibition of Livestock, Poultry & Related Industries”-IRAN PLEX, 2017

16th International Exhibition of Livestock, Poultry and Related Industries was held with the attendance of more than 250 companies such as suppliers, producers, importers, experts and economical activists of this industry as one of the most important commercial events in the region on 4th-7th December, 2017 in Tehran International Permanent Fairground.

Estiri Group cooperated as one of the biggest active corporates in supplying, distribution and production of “livestock, poultries and aquatics” food of the country, and also as a sponsor of the exhibition, hosting many visitors in booth No.38. During this exhibition, more than 1500 people visited the booth and got familiar to various activities of “Bazar Nahadeh Ishtar, Mehr Chine Chin Kian & Kian Barzin Mehr” which are subsidiaries of the Estiri Group.

This exhibition has been already noticed as a platform for the introduction of goods and new products, creation of interaction, communication and negotiation opportunities for producers, merchants and experts, acquaintance with the last accomplishments, and conclusion of work contracts. And participating in this economical-advertising event could provide better efficiency and feedback for participants.

This exhibition was an opportunity for meeting a large number of associations, unions, governmental authorities, experts, specialists, investors, livestock and poultry producers, distributers and suppliers of industrial equipment, feed industries as well as the veterinary medicine companies from inside and outside of Iran.

On the other hand, transferring and interchange of knowledge and technology between Iran livestock and poultry industry actors and other countries as well as getting acquainted to the last scientific innovations in this industry, is an important step in improving the animal veterinary  and husbandry industry in Iran.


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