Celebration of Cooperation between Iranian and Dutch company, “Mehr Chineh Chin Kian” and “Provimi”

Mehr chineh Chin Kian Co., a subsidiary of ESTIRI Group and manufacturer of animal pre-mixes, animal feed for poultry and aquaculture signed a professional Nutrition Consulting services agreement with the prestigious Dutch company “Provimi”, one of the leaders in the international animal nutrition industry, in a variety of fields such as the advice in nutrition knowledge, experience in feed manufacturing and science of animal farming.

On Monday March 14, 2018, a formal ceremony in presence of two company’s managers and staffs was held at Estiri Group Office. The agreement signed aims at bringing ESTIRI’s manufacturing, technology and nutrition capabilities to the next level, updating the knowledge and using scientific and specialized consultancy services.

At the ceremony, Mr. Bernard Deltour, Commercial Director, and Mrs. Megan Floyd, Technology Application Specialist, Poultry, along with Mr. Keyvan Estiri, Member of Estiri group’s Board and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Mehr Chineh Chin Kian, described the goals of Cooperation.

We hope such a Cooperation with foreign partners can improve the industry of animal feed, poultry and aquaculture in Iran.

Mehr chineh Chin Kian Co. is one of the dynamic companies in the animal feed, poultry and aquaculture industry in Iran and tries to be updated in the areas of production, operational and technical services to achieve their business goals and customer satisfaction.

Future actions and next steps of this agreement will be in the upcoming news.

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