Attendance Of Estiri Group And Its subsidiaries In 17th Tehran International Live stock And Poultry Exhibition (IranPlex)

Following the previous periods, Estiri manufacturing and trading group attended in Tehran live stock and poultry exhibition with a customer-oriented approach and recepted visitors, also by holding trading and technical sessions, tried to improve levels of knowledge, technology and acquainted customers with Estiri supply chain which includes grain and micronutrients importation, concentrate and supplement production and also distribution of all these items.

This exhibition was supposed to be held in 4days continuously in September 6-9th, but regarded to holding “leaders conference” in Friday, so Monday, September 10th  was selected as the final day.

As attending in international live stock and poultry exhibition is an appropriate opportunity for manufacturers and experts of this industry to access the latest news and better acquaintance with services and technical achievements of valid companies in Iran and abroad, Estiri group attends in this great gathering with high capacity and power and hosts all visitors.

This year, as before, Estiri group booth which located in salon no:38, was one of the biggest and the most popular places according to guests and visitor ’s sayings. During these days, more than 1,500 people visited Estiri manufacturing and trading group booth.

We hope these kinds of gatherings have an effective role in progress of feed industry and economical promote in our country day by day.

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